Jack P. Vanden Heuvel

Professor of Molecular Toxicology
325 Life Sciences Building
Telephone: 814-863-8532
FAX: 814-863-1696
Email: jpv2@psu.edu
Website: http://jackvh.cas.psu.edu

Research Focus

The primary goal of our research is to examine the effects of certain xenobiotics (drugs, pollutants) and dietary constituents (dietary fatty acids) on the regulation of gene expression in mammalian cells. The class of receptor that we are most interested in are called nuclear receptors and include estrogen-, thyroid-, vitamin D- and peroxisome proliferator-receptors (ER, TR, VDR and PPAR). Through the examination of how exogenous chemicals regulate gene expression we can better appreciate cellular biology and we may ultimately help to explain their toxic, carcinogenic as well as beneficial effects in humans and other animals.

Publications (selected from a total of 66)

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